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Frequently Asked Questions

Filtration system; uses special quartz sand to hunt particles doing pollution in water. The filter tank is filled with quartz sand and serves as a container for detected waste particles. Polluted water in pool is sucked with the help of pump, roughly filtered from grill, filtered water is sent to valve and then sent to filter tank for actual cleaning process. Fine particles in water are sucked and transferred to lower part of tank through sand separates them. After that, water passes through valve and returns to pool. All this process continues automatically and uninterrupted,  and allows full circulation of the water in pool.

Circulation and blowback get weaker.
There are colors on manometer (pressure gauge) placed on the filter.
When filter sand is dirty, pressure increases because passing of water through filter decreases, and indicator shows a red color.
When circulation of pool decreases or when pressure becomes red, it is absolutely necessary to perform back washing and rinsing.

A technique called skimmer system is applied to clean pollution in pools. The system we call Skimmer; is based on principle of sucking polluted water in your pool from one or several points. ‘Skimmer’ is the name of material used for this work. Balance tank is not needed in this system since suction of filter installation is directly connected to skimmer and bottom suction line. Skimmer technique is a simple and appropriate solution for sucking and filtering pollution in water in private swimming pools.


According to installation calculations, a sufficient number of skimmers should be used to clean water in pool. It is generally recommended to use 1 skimmer for every 25 m². But, when width of swimming pool exceeds 4.5 meters, 2 skimmers appropriately for capacity of filter installation and more skimmers depending on form of pool are placed.

Skimmer type is determined according to installation work to be done.

Skimmer location is determined by water height on pool wall. During settlement of skimmer, dominant wind direction is considered.

It is a unit that its body is made by fiberglass, that has sufficient space for pump, sand filter, transformer, electric panel, pool control valves, automatic dosing units and their installations.

You can control and maintain electrical systems.
You can control and maintain valves.
You can do engine / pump, filter control and maintenance.
You can clean engine room.

Skimmer is a cylindrical part mounted on water line on pool wall and connected to suction end of your pump. It takes task of system elements such as weir, weir outlet, and balance tank in weir system pools. The vacuum generated by suction of filter, takes water and trashes like leafs inside skimmer, and locks trashes in sizes that are undesirable to reach main filter or pump’s front basket, in skimmer basket. There is a hinged floater cap, generally in different dimensions, preventing these trashes in skimmer to back to pool. Because separate design elements are required for traditional coated pools with liner coating system or reinforced concrete system, they are produced in different qualities.

The water flowing through skimmer is provided with stream formed as a result of pool circulation. Basket in skimmer during this circulation; is filled with dirt floating on water or leafs. Periodically, this dirt are checked by opening top cap and basket is cleaned from these dirt.

It is the apparatus used to provide outlet of pumped clean water from pool wall and to direct water.

It is sucking apparatus placed at the bottom of the pool to lower level of water in pool or to drain water directly from canal. When water level falls below skimmer, bottom sucking valve can be opened and system feeding can be done from here.

"WARNING" When it is desired to empty pool by bottom sucking; after the engine is run, it certainly will not be turned off until pool water is completely drained. Otherwise, process will be left hal finished because air will be formed in system.


To dominate various fluids, especially water and air, these fluids; these are mechanical devices used to accomplish purposes such as to provide passing or stopping,  adjusting  flow rate, preventing return, changing flow direction, limiting flow pressure and ensuring flow safety.

It is equipment that makes sand filter suitable for multi-purpose use. It is a valve that controls reverse washing, rinsing, closing, draining, circulation and filtration positions that need to be done in the sand filter.

The valve should only be turned clockwise.

The filter is blocked as a result of gathering dirt by the time. The filter is cleaned by back washing. For this, high pressure is applied and water is pumped down to filter. This pressure sweeps sand particles and dissolves the stacked dirt. This dirt is thrown away together with back washing water. Fresh water should be taken in as much as how much water was wasted with back washing. This is important because chlorite and sulphate, disinfecting residuals, can be cleaned…

  1. Circulation and back blowing are getting weaker.
  2. The manometer (pressure gauge) on top of filter rises and the red color appears.

Pressure Gauge

Set pump / motor power supply to off position.

The six-way valve (2) is brought to the Back Wash position.

The engine is run. After running for 2-3 minutes, clean water is expected to pass through transparent sight glass on six-way valve.

When clean water comes, engine is turned off and rinsing starts.

Set pump / motor power supply to off position.
Move six-way valve (3) to Rinse position.
Run pump / motor for 1 minute and switch it off again.

Set the six-way valve to circulation and filtering position.

Put pump / motor power supply to On position and activate the system.

"WARNING" During back washing and rinsing, water from your pool will decrease. When all processes are finished, water level is checked and water is added as much as decreased water.

Thus, filter and sand are cleaned.